Panel Fences

Welded Fences

Welded metal mesh fences are the strongest. The network is 2.5 m panels. Welded metal fences are mainly used for schools, stadiums, manufacturing and warehouse surrounding. In addition, these are used in home gardens, where they want a stronger fence, for example, the presence of dogs.

As posts we use special metal posts . Available in galvanized (light gray) and colored green (RAL 6005) poles.

Network panels are able to select the hot-dip galvanized (light gray) or PVC coated galvanized (green RAL 6005) between the panels. For a surcharge, you can order the panels and posts in other RAL colors. The network is installed using the mounting pole.

General information:

Standard heights: 1230, 1530, 1730, 2030 mm

The wire thickness: 4mm, 5mm

Eye size: 50 x 200 mm

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