Net Fence

Net Fences

Mesh Fences are made ​​of galvanized wire , and is either welded ( welded ) or twisted ( woven nets ) .

It basically takes the use of plots intermediate handrail fence construction and major warehouse and industrial buildings, perimeters restraint.

Fence advantage over other guards are quicker installation , weather and more favorable final price, while not providing the separation fence , and no protection against noise , and does not suffer from climbing over the fence . The abundance of snow in recent winters has shown that the fence does not tolerate high snow load - the weight of snow can stretch or break the network, the network is asserted in this case, the spring tension fence pliers to tighten again , in the worst case, to replace part of the network .

It is worth to note that the smaller the mesh size and the larger the diameter of the wire, the stronger the fence . Network wire diameter is usually 1.8 - 3mm , mesh size of 50x50mm , 75x100mm and 50x100mm . Welded height of 1000mm - 2500mm .

Fence posts, which are used for mesh fence , diameter is 38mm - 70mm . The larger diameter fence posts and use the smallest distance between fence posts mounted , it is more rigid fence .

Network of gardens, install and sell woven , welded mesh panel and gardens . It is possible to choose between two different finishes - galvanized or pvc coated ( green) .